A Ring in a Candle?

This time of year calls for the fireplace going, dim lighting and lots and lots of candles burning. While I am an avid fan of Yankee Candles and the vast array of scents they have, I also purchase at least a few Diamond Candles during the year (especially this time of year).

What makes Diamond Candles unique? Well it’s the fact that there’s a ring waiting for you when you burn the wick low enough. Wrapped in a goldish foil, a random $10 ring waits for you.  While it’s just a $10 ring, your candle comes with a reveal code that you enter on Diamond Candles’ website to find out if you’ve won another ring worth $100, $1,000 or $5,000. I have yet to win, but I just purchased some more candles with hopes that I win on the “wheel of reveal” as I like to call it. Most of their candles run for $24.95 and you can almost always find a coupon.

Here are my five favorite scents from Diamond Candles:

1. Vanilla Cream Ring Candle

2. Pumpkin Chai Ring Candle

3. Apple Slice Ring Candle

4. Orange Blossom Ring Candle

5. Lilac Blossom Ring Candle


If you think this concept is cool and end up purchasing one, too, let me know in the comments and snap a photo of your ring and tag @SassySweetSF on instagram to share!



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