Moving Tips

This past weekend was an eventful one in my household. Sure, it was Valentine’s Day, but it was also the weekend Max and I moved into our new place. Let me tell you, it’s been a stressful last couple weeks, but the stress is gradually being lifted off my shoulders as things are getting organized and placed appropriately in our new place.
We moved from a first-floor apartment to a third-floor apartment about a half mile away from our old place. Moving is a really stressful experience for both people and animals so I want to share some tips and tricks with you to make your next move a little easier.

  1. Make sure you give yourself enough time to actually move. I cannot stress this enough. Luckily, our lease at the old place officially ends this weekend, so we have a whole extra week to move last-minute items.
  2. Pack boxes appropriately. Whether you head to U-Haul to buy boxes or purchase bankers boxes, make sure to not overpack a box. You don’t want them to be too heavy if you’re moving boxes on your own.
  3. Clean out your fridge well in advance. This was one of my main tasks during the packing process. I got rid of things in the fridge and made sure not to buy anything extra – just the essentials.
  4. Can’t move the furniture yourself? Hire movers. This was the best decision we made in regards to our move – and worth the investment. Local company Johnson & Daly Moving & Storage came out weeks prior to our move to estimate total costs and the two gentlemen who actually moved our furniture ended up fitting heavy boxes and more into the moving truck. Once at the new apartment, they unloaded all the furniture and placed it in exact spots for us.
  5. Unpack boxes immediately. There’s nothing worse than living with boxes in hallways and all over the living room. In order to avoid knocking into them, unpack as you go. This was another of my main tasks. As boxes came in, I unpacked them and placed items where they belong.
  6. Canvas bags come in handy. For the odd-shaped items, throwing them into a canvas bag or bag you may use for groceries is wise. It’s easier to carry and you can throw the whole weight of the item on your shoulder if need be.
  7. Have pets? Let them acclimate. Animals are interesting beings, especially cats. Our cat Oliver has been hiding under the couch since the moment we brought him into the new place. At night, he’ll cry for the old apartment. Why? Because it’s all new for him. If animals cry, it’s important to just let them do so without you going over to console them. They need to readjust and acclimate on their own time. With cats, it’s making sure they are putting their scent on everything. With dogs, it’s a little easier. They’ll be slightly confused for a while, but keep the treats coming and they’ll adjust just fine.

Did I miss some of your key moving tips? Let me know in the comments.

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