Smart Leggings for Online Jean Shopping


I love shopping online – the convenience, the wider range of sizes available, no lines to wait in, and the ability to do so at 10pm in my pajamas while watching The Bachelor. However, the one item I’m always most hesitant to buy online is jeans. Unless I’m reordering the same size, style, brand as something I already own (and even then it’s still iffy), chances are about 90% that I won’t like them and will end up returning them. Sizing is horribly inconsistent in women’s clothing, changing drastically from brand to brand, and making online shopping for something as fitted as jeans almost impossible.

So when I first saw an ad for these “smart leggings” I was immediately curious and hopeful. Could this actually be the solution to online jean/pant shopping for women? The company is called LikeAGlove, and the leggings use embedded stretch sensors to take measurements all up and down your legs (waist, upper and lower thigh, upper and higher hips, and inseam). After getting the measurements, the leggings send the data over Bluetooth to a free app, which then searches through thousands of jeans to recommend pairs that will fit. It sounds so simple!


The Info: The leggings are one-size-fits-all. Fit hips/waist of up to 60″ (150cm) and inseam of up to 55″ (140cm). You can pre-order them now for $79 here, to be shipped this Spring (their website says Q1 2016).

I also think they’d be a great way to track weight loss! It’s hard to always measure yourself in the exact same places to track inches lost, and these would make it super easy to get accurate measurements.

What do you think about these? Would you buy them?




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