Music: David Bowie

In Memoriam.png

While everyone was enjoying the red carpet glam and Golden Globes on Sunday night (see Veronica’s picks for worst and best dressed), the world lost a great musician.

David Bowie passed away at the age of 69 after an 18-month battle with cancer. His music influenced generations and hopefully will continue to do so. His latest album “Blackstar” was released just days ago and the music video for “Lazarus” is incredibly powerful (see below).

For me, music has always been important in my life. My dad, who introduced many different genres of music to me at a young age, played an integral part in my love for music. He introduced me to Queen and David Bowie at the same time, hence “Under Pressure” being one of my favorite songs to this day. Can’t forget about the crazy cool lyrics of “Moonage Daydream” either (you might recognize it if you saw Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014).

David Bowie was the kind of musician that pushed boundaries – a true master of music – all while keeping his private life private. From reading about his relationship with model Iman, he was a kind and gentle soul. I can’t forget to mention his costumes during concerts. He made quite the fashion statement.

Carnegie Hall will be holding a memorial concert for him on March 31 with well-known musicians paying tribute to the late singer.

How has David Bowie’s music influenced your life and what are some of your favorite songs? Check out this Spotify playlist of some of his best.



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