New Year, New Lashes

New Year's eve lashes

You know those Instagram/Facebook contests you never think you’re going to win? Well I totally won one right before Christmas for a full set of eyelash extensions at Lash Lab SF!! Of course I was beyond ecstatic and made an appointment right away for December 30th so I would have a fresh set of Kardashian-esque lashes to ring in the new year (see above, my New Year’s Eve lash selfie!).

Now, I’m no newbie to lash extensions or Lash Lab – I had gotten a set of lashes right before a trip to Greece back in September. And let me tell you, that was one of the best decisions I made beauty-wise when it came to traveling in a hot and humid climate. I was immediately drenched in sweat every time I left the hotel there, so makeup wasn’t an option. Besides, who wants to spend precious vacation hours putting on makeup? But the lashes were like wearing permanent eyeliner and mascara – I always looked put-together and wasn’t afraid to take #nomakeup selfies at all of the sights. My lashes are normally super short and stick straight out, and the extensions were permanently curled and long and gorgeous!

(Left) Right after getting lashes; (Right) Two weeks later in Greece and still going strong!

(Left) Selfie after getting lashes; (Right) Two weeks later (and sweaty) in Greece and still going strong!

To those that aren’t familiar with lash extensions, the lashes are applied one at a time by a lash artist using a specially formulated, semi-permanent glue that will not irritate the eye nor damage the natural lash. The whole process takes around 1.5-2 hours for a full set. Lashes at Lash Lab are either silk, faux mink, or real mink, and length is determined by your artist after accessing your natural lashes (I usually go with a mix of 11-13mm).

Before and after lashes

Before (top row) and After (bottom row) lash extensions

They don’t come cheap – a set of natural looking lashes from a master artist at Lash Lab starts at $219. And the lashes have to be filled in every 2-3 weeks ($75 within 2 weeks, $99 within 3 weeks). I chose to fill every 3 weeks because I was being very careful with them and wasn’t losing too many lashes. Check out all of the lash options at Lash Lab and their pricelist here.

Here are some of the tips I’ve taken away from my experience with lash extensions:

  • Be prepared: you can’t get your lashes wet for at least 24 hours (I try to go 48). Plan ahead and either buy some goggles for the shower, or work the dry shampoo look for a couple of days and go shower-free to allow the glue to fully set on your lashes.
  • Same goes for eye makeup remover. If you’re planning a big night out and want to do fun eyeshadow etc, it’s best to get your lashes done a couple of days before so that you can use makeup remover without fear of removing your lashes! Though you always have to use water-based removers, no oil!!
  • Your skin also produces oil, so after those 24 hours of no water, make sure you always wash your eyelids to get rid of the excess oil which can cause the glue to break down. I suggest using baby shampoo/wash to gently wash your eyelashes. Brush them out afterwards so they dry correctly.
  • To brush your lashes, use a clean mascara wand. Most lash places will usually give you disposable spoolies to use, but if not, you can find them at most makeup stores (like these).
  • When you get lashes done, they often use gel pads placed under your eyes to make sure your bottom lashes don’t get glued to the ones being applied. These bothered my eyes and made them water, so instead they just used medical tape to tape down my bottom lashes. If you have sensitive eyes and the gel pads bother them, be sure to ask for just the tape!
  • Sleep on your back if possible and don’t rub your eyes! If you’re a side sleeper, you might find the eye of the side you sleep on loses lashes more quickly than the other eye.

Have you tried lash extensions? Do you have any additional questions? I’m happy to answer!


8 thoughts on “New Year, New Lashes

    • Veronica says:

      Thanks!! šŸ™‚ OMG it was so easy, I follow Lash Lab on Instagram and just had to “like” the pic they posted that day. It definitely pays to “like!” And they tend to post quite a few deals on their social media, so if you’re interested I’d check them out!
      xo Veronica


  1. Dolly says:

    They look fab, girl! They seem quite expensive, though. I started using a product called grandelash to grow mine. It uses the same ingredients as latisse, but it’s not as strong. If used twice a day, I see a major difference in 4-6 weeks. They are long, dark and thick. One tube costs $65 and lasts 3 months. Seems a bargain compared to the time and money required for extensions.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Veronica says:

      Thanks girly! Yeah, they’re definitely not something I can afford to keep up, but fun every once and awhile. I’ll have to check out grandelash, thanks for the recommendation!
      xo Veronica


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