Ballerina (or Coffin) Style Nails

When it comes to my nails, I’m pretty picky. I have been getting acrylic nails since my banking days (we’re talking 2009) and while I give my natural nails time to breathe yearly, I always go back to acrylics and never really branch out of my comfort zone: square nails, pink and white powder with a bit of glitter. It takes a lot for me to work up the courage to try something new. Even though I know it’s not permanent (if I hate it, I can always go back and ask my nail tech to fix it), I research extensively before finally branching out and changing up my nail look.

After perusing Instagram (I follow a lot of nail techs, but my favorites are ElectaArt and LindseyDivaNails) and searching “nail art” on Pinterest, I discovered the new hot trend of ballerina (or coffin) nails showing up in my search. Think of it as an oval shape with the ends squared off. I saw wonderful designs and beautiful gel colors (shiny and matte) being used on this style of nail and I felt like it was time for a change.

I waited a few weeks, asked around for people’s opinion on the style of nail, headed to my local nail salon (NJ Nails Spa in Novato) and finally changed it up this last weekend. I went from my normal pink and whites to ballerina style, pastely purple nails. At first, when my nail tech started shaping my nails differently, I was a little apprehensive, but when the final look came to fruition, I was ecstatic. I think I have found a new nail style that I’ll stick with for years on end.

Here’s a side-by-side of the two nail shapes. Which do you think is better? Leave your comment below.