Documenting Monumental Moments

2016-01-06 17.52.09.png

When it comes to documenting special moments in your life you either pull out that fancy DSLR camera or bust out your smartphone to capture it. On October 11, 2015 I tied the knot! It was a magical day and we had the best photographer I’ve ever worked with (Vinh Nguyen Photography). He captured our day so beautifully (read a write-up of our wedding here) and every photo allows us to relive that special day.

But what about keeping those special moments close every day? That’s where photo albums and prints come in. After receiving all our wedding photos (there were 1300+ of them!) I downloaded the photos onto my laptop and started sifting through them. My husband and I figured out which photos we wanted to print and then I decided, why not have a photo album as a keepsake and to show those who come visit?

Let’s backtrack a little. After our engagement shoot, I was trying to figure out which website to use to order prints. Veronica had recommended I check out because the quality of the photos were great when she received her wedding photo prints from them. So, I gave it a shot. Uploaded the photos and got the prints three days later and they turned out great.

That’s what I did. While Mpix is good for prints, it’s also great for photo albums, canvas prints, framed prints and more. They had a deal going on (you can always find a coupon for something online) and I created a great little 46 page photo album of our wedding, documenting things in order of first look/Ketubah signing, ceremony and reception. The cost of the book turned out to be only $57, which isn’t bad at all. It became pricey because we ordered about six copies of the book for family members, as well.

I am still waiting to receive my prints, but I can’t wait to find the perfect frames for our wedding photos. My husband and I are moving into a new and bigger apartment in February, so I’ll be sure to reorder a large print of this photo from Mpix again. Framed this time.


Photo by Vinh Nguyen Photography

What website do you order prints from?



Holiday Traditions

Christmas tree

The tree is up, the presents are (mostly) all wrapped, and the bags are packed and ready for the drive to my parents house tomorrow. I’m so excited to have a little break from work and just spend time with family. And speaking of family, one of my favorite things about this time of the year are all of the holiday traditions we have. I mentioned in a previous post how we always go to a movie on Christmas Eve (we’re seeing Star Wars this year of course), and on Christmas Day we stay in pajamas and drink hot cocoa while opening presents (see my cozy favorites here). But another one I wanted to share is our tradition of a Christmas tree full of love and memories.

Our tiny tree is quirky and full of an assortment of ornaments, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Each ornament is a memory, and hanging them on the tree is a joyous trip through the past: the bead wreath I made in elementary school, a dancing bear a friend gave me when I was on dance team in high school, a sand dollar ornament my husband and I bought in Carmel, CA on our first wedding anniversary.

When I was younger, every year my parents would take my brother and I to an ornament store and let us each pick out an ornament. I would of course go for the biggest, gaudiest ornament – my favorite was the giant glittery peacock that now serves as a topper for our tree (it’s that big). I loved that tradition, and try to continue it even now with my husband, buying at least one new ornament every year (and I can’t wait to carry it on if we have a family of our own one day!). On our tree nothing matches, everything is a different size and shape, but to me it’s the most beautiful tree in the world because it’s full of love.

Do you have family traditions this time of the year? I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday! And just for fun, here’s a bonus pic of my cat under the tree – too cute not to share! 🙂

Cat under tree