Holiday Traditions

Christmas tree

The tree is up, the presents are (mostly) all wrapped, and the bags are packed and ready for the drive to my parents house tomorrow. I’m so excited to have a little break from work and just spend time with family. And speaking of family, one of my favorite things about this time of the year are all of the holiday traditions we have. I mentioned in a previous post how we always go to a movie on Christmas Eve (we’re seeing Star Wars this year of course), and on Christmas Day we stay in pajamas and drink hot cocoa while opening presents (see my cozy favorites here). But another one I wanted to share is our tradition of a Christmas tree full of love and memories.

Our tiny tree is quirky and full of an assortment of ornaments, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Each ornament is a memory, and hanging them on the tree is a joyous trip through the past: the bead wreath I made in elementary school, a dancing bear a friend gave me when I was on dance team in high school, a sand dollar ornament my husband and I bought in Carmel, CA on our first wedding anniversary.

When I was younger, every year my parents would take my brother and I to an ornament store and let us each pick out an ornament. I would of course go for the biggest, gaudiest ornament – my favorite was the giant glittery peacock that now serves as a topper for our tree (it’s that big). I loved that tradition, and try to continue it even now with my husband, buying at least one new ornament every year (and I can’t wait to carry it on if we have a family of our own one day!). On our tree nothing matches, everything is a different size and shape, but to me it’s the most beautiful tree in the world because it’s full of love.

Do you have family traditions this time of the year? I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday! And just for fun, here’s a bonus pic of my cat under the tree – too cute not to share! 🙂

Cat under tree


Christmas Day Cozy Favorites

One of my favorite things about Christmas Day has to be the fact that there is no excuse needed for staying in pajamas the entire day. My only plans include making hot cocoa, opening presents, and lounging in front of the fire reading a book. Below I’ve shared some of my ultimate favorite coziest finds, with some fun holiday pieces thrown in the mix.

Cozy favorites

My favorite soft, plush robe that I live in all year round.
The perfect lounging graphic shirt with a fun saying.
Curl up in the coziest down blanket ever in front of the fireplace.
Keep track of your hot cocoa with this personalized initial mug.
These holiday knit pajama pants will keep you warm.
Who doesn’t like a good crew sock in a festive color?
Down-filled foot duvets – sleeping bags for your feet!

What is your favorite way to spend Christmas Day? Will you be lounging in your pjs like me?