Book Lovers, Get Amazon Prime


I turn to Amazon for a lot of things: home decor, accessories, technology and – of course – books. Speaking of books, I received an email from Amazon this morning about my Kindle Book March First. What is that? Well, as an Amazon Prime member, I can choose one book out of six to download for free, even before it’s officially published!

This has been really beneficial for me in terms of book club. It gives me great ideas about what new books to read (that haven’t necessarily made the New York Times Bestseller List) and, let’s be real for a second, who doesn’t like free books?

Now, if you’re not an Amazon Prime member, you can still purchase a Kindle Book First for $1.99. But still, why pay when you can get it for free with Prime? Side note: if you’re married or live with other people, you can share one Amazon Prime account and only get charged once per year, instead of separately. I discovered this last month when my husband and I were trying to figure out how to avoid paying for Prime twice. 

The reason why I really dig the Kindle First picks is because there’s always a variety in genres. This month it’s: thriller, fantasy, historical fiction, suspense, children’s picture book and literary suspense. Sometimes it can be a gamble with these books, however. They aren’t thoroughly reviewed, in some cases not reviewed at all, so if you like the synopsis, take a chance. I picked The Queen’s Poisoner (The Kingfountain Series Book 1), which is the fantasy book pick for March and also one of my favorite genres. I am really excited to read it once I’m done with All The Light We Cannot See for book club.

Let me know if you participate in Kindle Book Firsts – or if you’re planning on it!



Book Review: Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith

career of evilLast year I wrote a post about books I love and some I haven’t read yet. Well for my book club, we just finished reading Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith. Who’s Robert Galbraith, you may ask… J.K. Rowling of course! Love her. I’ve read the Harry Potter series eight times, going on my ninth at some point this year. My opinion as to why she created this pseudonym is because her first adult novel after the Harry Potter series (The Casual Vacancy) didn’t receive the best reviews. Side note: I didn’t even get 100 pages into The Casual Vacancy.

Career of Evil is the third installment of the Cormoran Strike novels. Genre: action-mystery, in my opinion. Cormoran Strike is a detective in London who, essentially, solves cases faster than the police can with the help of his assistant Robin. While I’m not going to spoil anything, my advice is to read the first of the series (The Cuckoo’s Calling) before picking up the third. Skip the second if you want. I did and didn’t feel like I missed any vital information. The first book, however, introduces you to the main characters so if you do end up skipping the second book, you’re not left wondering who’s who.

On to my review. I really enjoyed this book. While it did take me a little over a month to read (a month and three days, actually), the book captures your attention in the first four pages. From then on you’re hooked. The nice thing about the Cormoran Strike series is that it’s always action packed and you end up reading more chapters than you thought you would right before you go to sleep. This book flip flops between two sets of characters in every chapter and it’s interesting to see how both sets of stories intertwine throughout the book. That’s all I’ll tell you about the plot because I don’t want to ruin the book for you, but my only real critique of the book is the ending. I was thoroughly disappointed and you might be too after you read it.

All in all, the writing is captivating (I mean, it is J.K. Rowling after all) and the plot is well thought out and intriguing. If you end up picking it up to read it – or have already read it and loved it, hated it, or was meh  about it – let me know in the comments!